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Customer Impact Stories

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Transforming social care through technology

More about Our Services

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Wanstor Services Overview

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Wanstor’s Proactives: our differentiator

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Security Services

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Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

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Azure Migration Assessment

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Azure Optimisation Assessment

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Microsoft 365 Optimisation Consultancy

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Microsoft Copilot Readiness Consultancy

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Cyber Essentials Consultancy and Certification Services

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Hospitality Technology: New Site Openings

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Hospitality Technology: Restaurant-in-a-Box

Media Resources

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Wanstor and Fujitsu Case Study: End-to-End Support

Strategic Partnership and Joint Innovation Poster Image

Strategic Partnership and Joint Innovation

IT Support Resources

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Developing the Digital Transformation Roadmap

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Benefits of Managed IT Services for Medium-Sized Businesses

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Putting the right IT Service Strategy in place

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The Future of the IT Service Support Desk

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Outsourcing your Service Desk: IT Challenge or Business Opportunity?

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Criteria for selecting an IT Managed Service Provider

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What do business and IT leaders need to know about Managed IT Services?

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A Buying Guide for IT Managed Services

Backup & Disaster Recovery Resources

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A Guide to Disaster Recovery for IT Professionals

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The Essentials of Disaster Recovery Planning

Cloud Resources

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Transforming your business with Private Cloud

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Considerations for building a Private Storage Cloud

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Is your Business ready to adopt a Private Cloud Strategy?

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Securing your Microsoft Office 365 Environment

Desktop Management Resources

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Overcoming Desktop Management Challenges across your Business

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Processes and tools for successful IT Asset Management

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Reimagining desktop management strategy for an era of mobility

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Embracing the Digital Workplace with Desktop Management Solutions

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IT Asset Management: Insights into Best Practice

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A must-have Guide to Desktop Management

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Understanding Inventory, Configuration and IT Asset Management

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The importance of IT Asset Management Tools

Active Directory Management Resources

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A Quick Guide to Active Directory Management for IT Professionals

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Automating Compliance Reporting for Active Directory

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Making Active Directory Management more efficient

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Understanding Risks in Active Directory legacy architecture

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Overcoming administration challenges within Active Directory

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Active Directory: Effective ways to manage the user life cycle

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Stopping Hackers with better Active Directory password policies

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True Continuous Auditing for Active Directory

Data Centre Resources

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Identifying the right Data Centre Co-Location Partner

Flash Storage Hardware System

A Buyer's Guide to Flash Storage Buying

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Mitigating Risk in Data Centre Migrations

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Creating the Right Server Environment for your Business

Managed Hosting Resources

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Selecting a Managed Hosting Provider

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A Buyer's Guide to Managed Hosting

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Considerations when moving to a Managed Hosting provider

Networking Resources

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Selecting the right WAN Solution for your Business

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How to choose the right Network Monitoring Solution

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Application and Service monitoring solutions for Business

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Using Network Monitoring Tools to reduce IT risk

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Overcoming everyday IT issues with network monitoring solutions

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Network monitoring solutions enabling business productivity

Security Resources

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Tips for Effective Patch Management

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Principles of Microsoft Patch Management

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Evaluating Enterprise Firewalls

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A Quick Guide to DDoS Attacks

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The Right IT Security Controls

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Ransomware Protection

Voice Services Resources

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Putting the right SIP Trunk Solution in place

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Thinking of a new Hosted Telephony Phone System?

GDPR Resources

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IT and Technology Strategies for GDPR

Microsoft Resources

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Prepare for Windows Server, SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 EOL

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Migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10: How Wanstor can help you

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Key considerations when moving your organisation to Microsoft Office 365

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An Overview of Microsoft Office 365 Services by Wanstor

Oracle Resources

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Working together to deliver ePOS solutions for Hospitality