IT solutions and IT support services should enable your business, not hinder it

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Maximise The Value Of Technology with IT support and services

When running your business, you may find that half the technological investments you have made are going unutilised

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Deliver Process Efficiencies With a Managed IT Services Company

Benefit from our established toolset of automation, self-service and reporting capabilities and remove the administrative burden of technology with IT managed support you can trust

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Scale your managed IT support services in line with your business

Our flexible as-a-service pricing for our complete managed IT services enables your chosen managed IT solutions to evolve as your business does, without the cost of fixed overheads

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Our new fully outsourced Restaurant IT support model will help Wagamama continue to set ourselves apart at a time when we are looking to focus on growing our business."

Group Chief Information Officer, The Restaurant Group

Fully managed or an extra set of hands?

Our fully managed IT support services scale dependent on the needs of your organisation. Pick your flavour, delivered as a service to help your business grow the best way that we know-how. With many IT managed support services available at a range of different prices, it really is completely up to you on how you choose to grow your business.



Service Summary

Maintain technology availability and identify and remediate issues as soon as possible to minimise impact of technology failures with fully managed IT support services

Suitable for

Our managed IT services London services is suitable for organisations with basic or small technical requirements, technical teams who want to outsource a portion of management with trustworthy IT service management

What’s included?

  • 24/7 Incident Resolution
  • Availability Monitoring
  • Automation Tooling (Password Reset, User Management)
  • Service Reporting with reliable managed IT services in the UK


Service Summary

Proactive management of your technology estate with primary focus on both prediction and prevention of issues

Suitable for

Organisations with evolving or complex infrastructures highly dependent on the performance of technology to run their business

What’s included?

  • Maintain, PLUS:
  • Trend analysis and Problem Management
  • Performance Monitoring (CPU, Disk Space)
  • Anti-Virus Tooling, Patch Management
  • Asset and Device Management
  • Certificate Management
  • Proactive Health Checks
  • Quarterly Service Review Meetings


Service Summary

Enhanced management with a focus on optimising the performance, cost, and security of the IT estate in line with business objectives with complete managed IT services

Suitable for

Organisations with evolving or complex infrastructures highly dependent on the performance of technology to run their business who are looking for a reliable managed IT support London service

What’s included?

  • Manage, PLUS:
  • Threat and Vulnerability Scanning
  • License Management and Optimisation
  • Optimisation and Development Days
  • Continual Service Improvement
  • Technology Roadmapping and Strategy
  • Monthly Service Reviews


Service Summary

Complete end-to-end IT service management of your technology including a dedicated team and long-term planning

Suitable for

Organisations with no IT team who want complete IT service management of the estate and their IT delivery outsourced with a reliable managed IT support London service

What’s included?

  • Optimise, PLUS:
  • Dedicated Service and Engineering team
  • Dedicated technical and account leads
  • Weekly Service Reviews
  • Service Guarantee
  • Virtual CTO
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Cloud Architect Escalation
  • Weekly service reviews with a reliable managed IT services company

Our Services

24/7 Support and Monitoring
24/7 Support
and Monitoring

Our Service Desk team are on hand 24x7x365 with the expertise to help your staff get back to work. Our IT service management service is equipped with the proactive tools needed to identify incidents and aim to resolve issues before they impact users

Patch Management

Our patch management services can eliminate network vulnerabilities, deploy patches in an orderly and controlled fashion, streamline and simplify the involvement required of end users and improve regulatory compliance using managed IT support London services

Network Monitoring & Management
Network Monitoring and Management

With almost all core business applications reliant on connectivity, our 24x7 NOC and IT support and managed services ensures that you can be confident in the performance and security of your network around the clock

Email Security
Cloud and Infrastructure Management

We’ll monitor availability and performance of your infrastructure 24x7 and optimise workloads to ensure your infrastructure is configured appropriately for your organisational requirements with reliable managed IT service providers

Proactive Health Checks
Health Checks

Our proactive management service is designed to prevent failures occurring. Senior engineers review physical hardware, licenses, patches, monitoring trends and security to ensure network and infrastructure meet the needs of your business

Optimisation & Development
Optimisation and Development

Regular strategic reviews of IT systems against usage, process and objectives focused on optimising technology systems for performance, security, and cost, including infrastructure workload optimisation, Office 365 license optimisation and management of Public Cloud environment

Wanstor are more than just an IT provider - we’re your trusted technology team.

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Outstanding Customer Service

From our account team to our service desk, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer experience with each of our IT support and managed services

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Trusted by the brands we all love

We have industry expertise across the Not-for-Profit, Hospitality and Professional Services sectors, supporting a number of well-loved UK brands to transform through technology for 10+ years

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Exceptional technical expertise

We can offer both breadth and depth of technical expertise across the entire technology stack with a team made up of some of the best and brightest in the technology sector

Assess your business continuity performance and compliance against PCI, CIS, Cyber Essentials and more with a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment using our managed IT services company. Get in touch today!