Our security and compliance services

When it comes to auditing IT security and compliance, we implement a 360-degree approach towards helping you protect your business against the ever-increasing threat of cyber-crime. This means we ensure the right policies and processes are set up, the right technology such as IT security compliance services are in place to support them, and your people are trained and aware of the role they must play in securing your business.

But what is IT security and compliance? See our IT security and compliance solutions below.

Cyber Essentials & ISO

Cyber Essentials & ISO

Our experts can help get your business certified to rigorous security and compliance frameworks and protect you against cyber-attacks.

Threat & Vulnerability

Threat & Vulnerability

Find your weaknesses and avoid costly data breaches with regular threat and vulnerability assessments.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness

Just investing in tools is not enough to protect your business from sophisticated cyber-attacks when human error is responsible for 80% of them.

Protective Security Monitoring

Protective Security Monitoring

The very best for of defence is to proactively monitor and detect intruders with SIEM monitoring solution.

We ensure your business is protected and secure by using the Cyber Essentials Framework to validate your IT set up.

Everything we build and implement for our customers is done with security in mind. Our team of security experts provide everything from virtual CISO services to 24/7 monitoring and support and you can be assured you’re in safe hands."

Network Manager, Wanstor

Why choose Wanstor for your IT security and compliance solutions?

We completely understand the importance of cyber security and have a portfolio of standalone and managed security services to either build or complement your security strategy.


We are a certifying body of IASME meaning we can assess your Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus application, as well as helping you prepare for it.

Compliance Services

Our managed IT security compliance services can help you build a strong IT security strategy that keeps your confidential data safe and your employees productive.

Eliminating security threats

We detect, isolate, and eliminate security threats across all endpoints using our incident management processes and cyber threat intelligence as part of our security solutions.

End-to-end solution portfolio

Our IT security regulatory compliance end-to-end solution portfolio provides all round protection and proactively monitors for cyber-attacks.

Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 frameworks

We’re experts at helping organisations adhere to both the Cyber Essentials and the ISO 27001 frameworks, adhering to IT security and compliance standards.

Are you confident in your ability to detect and eliminate cyber-crime? Why not let us help you understand your security posture with out IT security and compliance services? We can help with a range of discovery tools and workshops.

Gain further insight into our IT security and compliance standards services in London and across the UK.