Support your business growth with better insights and slicker operations.

Microsoft’s Power Platform can analyse data for insights, quickly and easily build custom apps, and automate workflows to improve business processes through the combination of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents.

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Data engineering & Visualisation

Joining CRM, finance, and other data sources to help visualise and conduct trend analysis

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Application Integration

Integrate existing applications and datasets to automate workflows

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Process Automation

Streamlining and re-designing manual processes in digital workflows

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Application Development

Creation of low-code applications and end user interfaces for existing or new processes

Microsoft Power Platform

The platform is crucial for any size of organisation wanting to free up employees from time-consuming administrative or routine tasks that could easily be automated. Or for businesses that need to collate and easily analyse business intelligence or data.

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Power Apps

Application Development: Increase organisational agility by rapidly building low-code apps that modernise processes and solve tough challenges

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Power BI

Business Analytics: View correct, real-time data in highly available, easy-to-consume, sharable reports

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Power Automate

Process Automation: Streamline tasks, integrate disparate workflows, free up employees’ time and automate processes, quickly, securely and at scale

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Power Virtual Agents

Intelligent Virtual Agents: Develop Chatbots allowing employees to focus skills in more critical areas while technology deals with simple, repetitive jobs

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Two days saved per month by automating financial reporting

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Given instant, real-time visibility of over 2,000 computers across 150 locations

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25 hours saved per month by automating Quality Assurance processes

Andy King, Saxton Bampfylde
Having our data collected easily through Power Automate and displayed using Power BI allows us to quickly understand the opportunities currently available, which is priceless in this market."
Andy King,
Finance Director, Saxton Bampfylde

What’s it used for?

The possibilities are endless for this suite of products but here are a few examples of what’s possible.

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Asset Management

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Contract Management

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Authority Approvals

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Event Management

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Ticketing Systems

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Expense Approvals

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Visitor Management

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Crisis Communications

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View our TechTalk for more information on how we’ve helped customers become more efficient using Power Platform.

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Manmit Rai,Chief Operating Officer Wanstor
We’re confident in saying we haven’t met a single business, large or small, that couldn’t be transformed by this platform. It removes a lot of wasted resource and makes use of their valuable data, all in one go."
Manmit Rai,
Chief Operating Officer, Wanstor

Benefits of using Microsoft Power Platform

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Steer intelligent business decisions

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Remove laborious costly admin functions

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Boost employee productivity

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Streamline business processes

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Replace old technologies like Microsoft Access

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Low-code workflows easier to understand and build

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Power Platform is ncluded on the M365 license

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Efficiency solutions spun up in days not weeks or months

Why choose Wanstor to help improve your business efficiency?

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We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and are experts in using Power Platform features to transform businesses

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We have undertaken many efficiency projects for customers unlocking more opportunities working closely with them

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We are driven by automation as a core business objective, aligning with the power of technology to achieve this

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We advise you on how to automate specific process workflows to avoid challenges or disruption

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We can help you deliver enterprise-class technology solutions in weeks, not months

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Your projects will be designed with your business in mind, so even things like automatic alerting in Teams is possible