You’ve got to consider the human factor in IT security awareness

As you embrace digital, it’s important your people play their part in helping you avoid unnecessary data breaches and cyber incidents, but how do you implement and manage this effectively? The answer is through IT security awareness, with the help of a security awareness consultant.


Identify Knowledge

Understand what awareness level there is with bespoke learning modules for staff.

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Simulated Phishing

Perform regular tests on your teams to see what and who puts you at risk.

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Build Security Culture

Through regular online training and testing, build better engagement and attitude within IT security awareness.

It’s been an eye-opener for us. Using CybSafe data and metrics helps us to tweak our approach to security awareness across different parts of the company. We've been able to measure that nearly 40% of our users have adopted more secure behaviours as a result!"

Head of Global Cloud Operations, Karhoo


Measure and demonstrate IT security awareness and compliance

We marry process, technology, and people together to deliver a 360-degree security awareness solution for your organisation. By partnering with CybSafe, we can help change behaviour, lowering human cyber security risk and increasing IT security awareness.

CybSafe is a smart mobile and web app that educates, nudges, and gives real-time, tailored cyber security awareness advice and guidance to employees. It improves security decisions and behaviours in a way you can measure, demonstrating compliance, and is approved by the National Cyber Security Centre responsible for maintaining the Government backed Cyber Essentials scheme.


Real time, tailored cyber assistance and training for users, whenever they need it


Based on the world’s most comprehensive security behaviour database, SebDB


Advanced human cyber risk data, metrics, and reporting


Built by experts using evidence-based behavioural science research

CybSafe has allowed us to identify changes in security behaviour and respond accordingly. We now see and understand aspects of our human cyber risk that we simply couldn’t get from training and phishing."

Chief Information Security Officer, BMT

Why choose Wanstor for your human security risk prevention?

As IT security awareness consultants, we can provide you with the CybSafe tool, an easy-to-deploy security awareness software solution that:


Improves employee cyber understanding


Improves employee cyber security decision making


Changes mindset and attitude towards security


Positively influences cyber security behaviour and habits of employees


Demonstrates RoI with metrics and reporting showing changes in security attitude, behaviour and culture

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