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In order to protect critical data and make sure your IT infrastructure isn’t exposed to cyber-crime, our threat and vulnerability assessments can identify where your network, systems and hardware are most at risk. It’s never been more important to invest in your network.

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Know your network

Discover the attack surface of your network and identify risk vulnerabilities.

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Protect your network

We’ll help to resolve critical vulnerabilities and implement best practise tooling.

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Transform your network

Future-proofing and securing your network with up-to-date technologies is our core priority.

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Wanstor's Threat and Vulnerability scanning has given us excellent ongoing visibility into the health and security of Hestia's infrastructure. Our security and network experts advise on how best to close any gaps and increase our security posture, supporting with remediation efforts where required."
Nishantha Kumarage,
Senior Technical Consultant, Wanstor

Our Threat and Vulnerability Solution

One way to ensure your network is protected, maintain awareness of any potential threats and mitigate them is through regular vulnerability assessments. Scanning your network infrastructure, applications and databases will give you complete clarity of where you are most at risk of cyberattack. We scan your configuration against CIS Critical Security Controls, which are a prioritized set of safeguards designed to mitigate the most prevalent cyber-attacks against systems and networks.

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External scan of your network and infrastructure

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Identify known vulnerabilities and readily available exploits

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Receive tailored recommendations and remediation actions

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Your CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) is an industry standard for assessing the severity of security vulnerabilities, categorised into None (0), Low (0.1-3.9), Medium (4.0-6.0), High (7-8.9) and Critical (9-10). Once we know your CVSS and understand your vulnerabilities, we can put a remediation programme together to fix them in an acceptable timeframe according to the severity.

Wanstor Senior Security Architect
Being responsible for hundreds of networks, we know the damage ineffective security leads to. We recommend expert testing and measurement as the most effective ways to ensure your network is not at risk."
Vlad Birgauanu,
Senior Security Architect, Wanstor

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