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Why should you identify potential cyber security threats and vulnerabilities in your network?

Identifying cyber threats and vulnerabilities is crucial to safeguarding your network. According to the DCMS Cyber security breaches survey 2023, nearly a third (32%) of businesses and a quarter (24%) of charities reported experience of some kind of cyber security breach or cyber attack in the last 12 months.

Proactive threat identification can reduce this risk by preventing costly breaches, protecting sensitive data, and preserving business continuity and reputation. Regular assessments also ensure compliance with regulations.

Wanstor’s threat and vulnerability assessments or managed service identifies where your network, systems and hardware are most exposed by identifying, tracking, and managing vulnerabilities and risks within your systems.

Common vulnerabilities you may encounter:

System Misconfiguration Icon

System misconfiguration

Outdated Software Icon

End-of-life software

Weak Authorisation Icon

Missing or weak authorisation credentials

Weak Encryption Icon

Out of date solutions

Zero-Day Vulnerability Icon

Missing patches

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Wanstor's Threat and Vulnerability scanning has given us excellent ongoing visibility into the health and security of Hestia's infrastructure. Wanstor’s security and network experts advise on how best to close any gaps and increase our security posture, supporting with remediation efforts where required."
Nishantha DK,
Head of IT, Hestia

How can Wanstor help manage Threat and Vulnerability for your organisation?

One way to ensure that your network is protected, to stay aware of any potential threats, and mitigate them is through vulnerability scanning. Wanstor offers you a choice of four tiers.

External threat and vulnerability scan

Offered free. Gives a snapshot overview of risks to external facing IP addresses at the time of the scan.

Threat and vulnerability scan

An external IP and Internal IP (authenticated network based) scan on devices connected to the network at the time of the scan and one off or on a quarterly basis.

Threat and vulnerability managed trial

An external IP and internal IP (agent-based) scan on devices connected to the internet, performed for 30 days.

Threat and vulnerability managed service

Comprehensive monthly recurring external IP and internal IP (agent based and authenticated) on scans on devices connected both to the network or the internet, providing continuous threat protection.

Below is an overview of what is included in these scans:

Service External threat & vulnerability scan Threat & vulnerability scan Threat & vulnerability Managed Trial Threat & vulnerability Managed Service
Dashboard* Orange Tick 01 Orange Tick 02 Orange Tick 03 Orange Tick 04
Cyber Essentials Report filters Orange Tick 05 Orange Tick 06 Orange Tick 07 Orange Tick 08
Session with Security Consultant Orange Tick 09 Orange Tick 10 Orange Tick 11 Orange Tick 12
Vulnerability closure recommendations (including remediation estimates) Orange Tick 13 Orange Tick 14 Orange Tick 15 Orange Tick 16
External IP scan Orange Tick 17 Orange Tick 18 Orange Tick 19 Orange Tick 20
Internal IP Scan (Network based) Orange Tick 22 Orange Tick 24
Agent-based Scan Orange Tick 27 Orange Tick 28
Authenticated scan Orange Tick 30 Orange Tick 32
Web Application Scanning Available as an add-on with this service
CIS Scanning Available as an add-on with this service
PCI-DSS Scanning Available as an add-on with this service
Vulnerability Remediation Purchased Separately Purchased Separately Purchased Separately Purchased Separately
*Requires Power BI Pro licence

How do these scans protect your organisation?

Scanning your network infrastructure, applications and databases using one of these services will give you enhanced visibility of where you are most at risk of cyber attack.

Radar Icon

Discover your attack surface with an external and/or internal scan (depending on chosen service) of your network / devices / infrastructure

Tools Icon

Identify known vulnerabilities and readily available exploits

Magnifying Glass Icon

Remediate based on tailored recommendations and protect your organisation

Our Power BI dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities found, problem hosts and devices, the ability to filter vulnerabilities based on the Cyber Essentials standard and more – giving you complete visibility over your threat landscape. This is a critical reporting tool to assess threats over a set period and keep stakeholders informed.

A dashboard to visualise findings from the threat and vulnerability managed service that includes number of vulnerabilities and their priority levels, devices with most number of vulnerabilities, most common vulnerabilities and a graph that shows how the vulnerabilities gradually decrease over time, using Wanstor’s threat and vulnerability managed service
Wanstor Senior Security Architect
Being responsible for hundreds of networks, we know the damage ineffective security could potentially lead to. We recommend expert assessment and measurement, as one of the most effective ways to ensure your network is not at risk."
Vlad Birgauanu,
Senior Security Architect, Wanstor

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