As an experienced public sector IT Provider and a pioneer in Government Digital Services, Wanstor can be found on two areas of the G-Cloud 12 framework - Cloud Hosting and Cloud Support.

With a proven track record of providing resilient, value-adding solutions to public sector customers, Wanstor is continuing to shape the future of public services in the UK. The G-Cloud 12 public sector procurement framework is a set of simple and legally compliant frameworks that enable public sector organisations including Schools, Universities, Councils, NHS Trusts, Central Government Departments and Police Forces to buy IT services more quickly and efficiently than traditional procurement methods.

It is strongly recommended that all public bodies carrying out ICT procurements use the G-Cloud framework as a first port of call when they are evaluating the different ICT services their organisation needs.

There are currently three categories of services under the G-Cloud 12 framework:

Cloud Hosting

Helps public sector IT teams identify cloud platforms or infrastructure services that will assist in deployment, management and running of software along with provisioning and use processing, storage and networking resources

Examples of services on this section of the framework include - Platform as a Service (PaaS), Archiving, backup and disaster recovery, Compute and application hosting, Load balancing, Logging and analysis, Firewalls and Storage services

Cloud Software

Helps public sector IT teams to find software applications that are accessed over the internet and hosted in the cloud, such as accounting tools or customer service management software

Cloud Support

Cloud support services help public sector organisations to set up and maintain cloud software or hosting services

Examples of services on this section of the framework include planning, migration and set up services, quality assurance and performance testing, security testing, training and ongoing support

How can public sector organisations use G-Cloud 12?

Hundreds of public sector organisations are already using G-Cloud to meet their ICT needs. The frameworks are established through an OJEU under the Open Procedure and are fully completely compliant with The Public Contracts Regulations 2006. This means that suppliers have already been through a rigorous process to ensure their credibility and suitability to provide solutions to the public sector.

Removing the OJEU process results in a far less arduous and expensive process to get what public sector IT teams need. IT teams will find once they start using the framework that it still has a very traditional supplier framework based on the very same set of laws as other frameworks, it’s just approached in a different way.

How is it so efficient and effective?

The G-Cloud 12 framework allows public sector organisations to buy cloud-based digital services off the shelf, avoiding lock-in to expensive contracts with single suppliers, and encouraging cost-effective, innovative and flexible solutions.

It also provides economies of scale and delivers ICT systems that are responsive to demand in order to support government strategies. G-Cloud allows procurement in a way that encourages an innovative marketplace where SMEs can compete and offer their services directly alongside big players.

The benefits of G-Cloud 12 for public sector organisations include:

  • Quicker and cheaper to use than traditional procurement methods for ICT
  • Largest range of suppliers compared to any other framework
  • It is re-tendered regularly, so contains the latest services and suppliers
  • No hidden charges as prices, terms and services are provided up front
  • Services are often available to try for free or at negligible cost
  • You can talk to suppliers whenever you need to
  • There is no lock-in – all services state up-front how you get in and out
  • There is no need for an OJEU, ITT or contract negotiations

How do I use the G-Cloud?

The great thing about G-Cloud is IT teams can try different options to see what best meets their needs at different points in time depending on the problems they are trying to solve and the ICT methods they need to be made available to them. To use the G-Cloud public sector framework, IT professionals simply need to:

  • Search the G-Cloud with key terms or requirements on the G-Cloud Marketplace.
  • Select those suppliers that meet your high level criteria and develop a long list
  • Review the selection in more detail and make comparison using the item properties list
  • Develop a short list of approximately 10 suppliers
  • Evaluate using lowest cost or Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) principles
  • Complete the order form and call off contract
  • That’s it!

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