Our UK Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 services

Data is one of the most important assets a business has, and protecting it from compromise, corruption or total loss is of paramount importance. The Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus services and ISO 27001 framework exist to help organisations with their information protection needs.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 aims to protect information regardless of where it is found (paper, information systems, digital media etc).

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Body

Our UK Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus services aim to protect data and programmes on networks, computers, servers and other elements of an IT infrastructure.

Our team of security and compliance experts can help businesses become certified to both frameworks, giving you and your customers reassurance that data is secure.

ISO 27001 Framework

ISO 27001 can be a complex and time-consuming activity so why not enlist the help of our security and compliance team who, having been through our own certification process several times, are in a great position to complete this process for you.


Establish the scope of the ISMS (Information Security Management System)


Perform a gap analysis against ISO27001 controls


Create an asset register and risk assessment


Create the policies and establish the organisation of the ISMS including roles and responsibilities


Embed the policies and procedures through staff awareness and implementation of processes


Take your business through the Cyber Essentials audit

Cyber Essentials Framework

The Cyber Essential Certification is a Cyber Essentials audit built around five basic technical controls, specifically designed to prevent the most common cyber-attacks, including malware, ransomware, and phishing. Obtaining this standard enables certified organisations to demonstrate and reassure customers they are serious about safeguarding the integrity of their data.


Internet Connection

Boundary firewalls and Internet gateways

Compliance Services

Devices & Software

Securest settings and minimum functionality

Threat detection

Access Control

Least privilege and reduced access control

All round protection

Viruses & Malware

Protect yourself from viruses and other malware

Framework compliance

Continuous Patching

Ensure devices and software are kept updated

Cyber Essentials Bundles

Our bundles offer businesses varying support levels towards obtaining your certification, whether that’s Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus. Each tier works to ensure you are compliant with the standards set by IASME and provides a one-time certification at the point of completion, and must be renewed each year.


Advise: Cyber Essentials
I wish to confirm my policies and devices meet the CE requirements before assessment
Advise: Cyber Essentials Plus
I wish to confirm my policies and devices meet the CE+ requirements before assessment
Consult & Discovery
I’m unsure of my security posture and want my organisation to be reviewed against CE controls
Question Set Consultancy
Q&A of Cyber Essentials Question Set with a Cyber Essentials qualified Security Professional
Orange Check Orange Check
Policy Consultancy
Review of your written policy controls and verification that they apply to the Cyber Essentials assessment criteria
Orange Check Orange Check
Threat and Vulnerability Scan
Threat and Vulnerability scan of your network with suggested remediation action for each item
Up to 20 External IP addresses and 3x Internal subnets
Cyber Essentials Plus Sample Audit
Conduct a mock audit of a sample of devices against the controls for Cyber Essentials Plus. Up to 15 devices
Orange Check
Environment Review
Collection of data from your environment to answer questions about its current state for End User Devices, Network Devices & Technical Controls
Orange Check
A detailed report on Gaps to be closed against the Cyber Essentials standard including a detailed remediation plan
Orange Check Orange Check
Price £1,350 £3,150 Get a Quote
Additional Services
Intensive remediation scoped on per project basis
Managed Security Service available, scoped separately


Cyber Essentials Assessment
I want to apply for the Cyber Essentials Certificate
Cyber Essentials Plus Assessment
I want to apply for the Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate
Cyber Essentials Assessment**
Submission of question set to IASME portal
Assessment of answers provided against the Cyber Essentials Standard
Issue of the certificate (if successful)
Orange Check Orange Check
Cyber Essentials Plus Audit
Audit and report to governing body against the Cyber Essentials Plus criteria
Orange Check
Price Price based on Org Size
0-9 Employees£750
10-49 Employees£850
50-249 Employees£900
250+ Employees£950
Price based on Org Size
0-9 Employees£2,300
10-49 Employees£2,400
50-249 Employees£2,450
250+ Employees£2,500
** IASME will always require an audit to be performed by a certification body in addition to their certification charges. We are a certification body for IASME and can undertake this audit for you. Our Accreditation Price is for a managed end-to-end IASME audit, submission and certification.

If you take both consultancy and assessment services from us, we’ll give you a 10% discount.

Managed Cyber Essential Services

Once Cyber Essentials certification has been achieved, we recommend you keep your security posture maintained to this standard on an ongoing basis using our Managed Cyber Essentials service.

Our team of security experts will manage, report on, and remediate any technical issues and ensure your annual re-certification is trouble-free.

Asset discovery

Asset discovery

Patch management

Patch management

Network device management

Network device management

Threat and vulnerability and scan and report

Threat and vulnerability & scan and report

Antivirus management

Antivirus management

Firewall NAT and access rules review and remediation

Firewall NAT and access rules review and remediation

Software firewall status review and remediation

Software firewall status review and remediation

Local user account review and remediation

Local user account review and remediation

Security / GPO Policy review

Security / GPO Policy review

Administrative account report

Administrative account report

Catch22 Logo
Catch22 is now CE+ certified, thanks to Wanstor and its incredible UK Cyber Essentials team for guiding, assisting and working with us to the tightest of deadlines. The team have all gone above and beyond to keep Catch22 on track and get us over the line, without their dedication, long hours, and effort we wouldn’t have reached this milestone. Wanstor truly is an amazing partner and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to our next project!"


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