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About Tradex

Tradex is an insurance company working predominantly within the motor insurance sector with strategic plans to grow the business through digital transformation and increase the number of brokers it supports.

The Challenge

Tradex wanted to increase security but also optimise their processes to work more efficiently. To achieve this, they needed to consolidate and rationalise a large legacy estate because reducing footprint would remove vulnerabilities and unnecessary costs, and allow the estate to be managed more effectively.

The Solution

Updates to all malware software, retiring unnecessary hardware and migrating servers into the Cloud along with the introduction of Microsoft 365 email before lockdown meant the business was able to continue running without interruption.

We’ve built a great relationship with Wanstor, and one of the benefits is our ability to just pick up the phone and have experts at the other end providing us with the information that we need."
Sarb Lota,
CIO, Tradex
Tradex people


  • Quickly resolved a potentially serious malware attack which could have stopped the business trading for weeks if it had been successful
  • Complete IT infrastructure overhaul and consolidation creating robust and secure platform for growth
  • M365 migrations successfully completed
  • Wanstor at heart of architectural project to remodel the network to include Azure and Zero-Touch deployment
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